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PA-DEP and 410 Water Quality Certification: Info

Pennsylvania just issued a "401 Water Quality Certificate." It was issued without the legal requirements being met by PennEast. The laws cannot be waived at the expense of the PA taxpayers and the land and waters it affects.

  1. Click on the image of envelopes to the left.

  2.  Before starting, remember to RETURN to these instructions (use the browser tab called pepac) after EVERY step - you will be walked through every little step  

  3. Scroll to the bottom and type in everything except the signature line

  4. If it does not let you type, you will have to Save the letter to your computer (no need to do this if it lets you type directly online - just proceed to #4 below in that case):

    1. Either right click on your mouse, and click Save As, or click on the Download/Save icon) Be sure to note into what folder you save the letter.

    2. Keeping this website open (so you can return to its tab to see instructions), open that folder, and find the letter

    3. Save the document to your computer (at the top left, click on file, then click on save).

    4. Scroll to the bottom and type in everything except the signature line

  5. Now, print the document (right click with your mouse on the top left, and click print) - 2 copies!

  6. After it has printed, sign it in the signature area

  7. Send the letter to the person at the top of the letter (just in an envelope with a stamp)

  8. Keep the extra copy for your records

Now that you have finished with your PA-DEP letter, click on the image to the left to see other potential actions available to you as a member of the public. Remember, anyone can participate in this process - you don't have to be just a landowner of land on which the pipeline will be placed. 

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