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FERC is the body that will decide whether to approve the PennEast Pipeline or not - write online comments daily, about anything and everything related to why the PennEast Pipeline should not be approved.  Links are below for more information.

Also, contact legislators and decision makers - let them know your position. Call someone new everyday, or call one per day - the numbers are below.

  1. Before starting, remember to RETURN to these instructions (use the browser tab called pepac) after EVERY step - you will be walked through every little step

  2. Click on the image to the left to go to FERC e-filing for e-comments (the website is often down, so try back later if it is does not load).

  3. Remember, return to the pepac browser tab for each next step in the process

  4. Select Login and login

  5. Click on eComment

  6. Fill out the form

  7. Go to your email account

  8. Open the new email you got for your current FERC  e-Comment Request

  9. Select the Link within your email

  10. Enter Docket Number CP15-558

  11. Click on Search

  12. Check the Docket Description (make sure it is for the PennEast Pipeline), and if correct check the blue cross

  13. The cross disappears and a red X appears lower on the form (do not remove that)

  14. Type your e-comment (if your comment is long, type it into a word document first, and copy and paste from the word document into the e-comment box)

**NOTE: You can make as many individual e-comments that you wish, and can submit comments as often as you wish**

Call Legislators! Call Decision Makers!

Let them know why the PennEast Pipeline should not be allowed. For more information on concerns to share, click on the image to the left.

Everybody should call, regardless of location:

Governor Wolf…717-787-2500

Senator Bob Casey…202-224-6324

Senator Pat Toomey…202-224-4254

Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick…202-225-4276 (THANK HIM for his position of not supporting the pipeline)


US Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources Committee Office…202-224-4971 (ask to leave a message for the committee - they are reluctant to engage with you since they say they are "just staff")

For those residing in Bucks County, also call (regardless of district):

State Representative Marguerite Quinn…215-489-2126
Hon. Scott Petri...717-787-9033

State Senator Robert Tomlinson....215-942-5157

State Senator Charles McIlhinney, Jr ....717-787-7305

Bucks County Commission Chairman Charles Martin...215-348-6426

Bucks County Commission Vice Chairman Robert Loughery...215-348-6424

Bucks County Commissioner Diane Ellis-Marseglia ...215-348-6425

And, for those residing in Carbon County, also call :

Hon. Doyle Heffley....717-260-6139

State Senator John Yudichak...717-787-7105

(all the commissioners have  the same number, but can be reached individually):

Carbon County Commission Chairman Wayne Northstein....570-325-3611

Carbon County Commission Vice Chairman Tom Gerhard...570-325-3611

Carbon County Commissioner William O'Gurek....570-325-3611

Now that you have finished with your FERC registration, and have made or will make as many e-comments as you wish (you can return any time for that), now move on to Step #2 for more important actions to take!

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