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The DRBC has agreed on a plan to start developing policies regarding the construction and operation of gas projects, including pipelines and fracking, in the Delaware River basin/watershed. The DRBC is responsible for protecting the water quality and quantity in the Delaware River Basin, one of the most important river basins in the US. The Delaware River provides water to over 6% of the US population, including New York City and Philadelphia, supports thousands of wildlife habitats, is classified as one of the most scenic and pristine rivers in the country (and has "Wild and Scenic River" designation), and is home to one of the largest wintering Bald Eagle populations (our national bird) in the US.  The DRBC is responsible for protecting that. As such, any pipeline with potential to cause damage to the basin must not be permitted by the DRBC.

Your comments to the DRBC commissioners are vital to this process.

Even if you already submitted letters to the DRBC itself, each step is important - please take a moment to send these letters to the Commissioners too.

A. Send your messages to the DRBC Commissioners

  1. Go to each of the links below (all of them, regardless of where you live, since this is a federally-protected river; everyone should participate, regardless of residence)

    1. When you open a link, fill out the contact info, select the category you feel it best represents (if prompted to select a category), and type your message into the email textbox.

      1. Governor Carney

      2. Governor Cuomo

      3. Governor Christie

      4. Governor Wolf

      5. Brigadier General William Graham -US Army Corps of Engineers

You have just completed the contact, something very important to this process.  Click on the link to the left for the next step (step #3)

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