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Motion to become an Intervenor

Filing a motion to become an intervenor is mandatory in gaining full rights to participate in all future proceedings (e.g., you will eventually not be able to participate or have any right to legally declare your rights, opinions, and needs). It is also important as it allows PennEast to see the number of interested parties to the project, no matter whether you live in the pipeline's path, in an affected community, or anywhere in the US or global community!  Each and every adult household member should become an intervenor to retain their rights and opportunities (e.g., do not file a motion for yourself, and leave your spouse or other adult family members without rights). Each person must file separately.


Even if you filed already, you can file again if you feel you did not file a formal legal motion (the document below will demonstrate what has to be submitted, since this is a legal motion, and not the area for extensive comments - comments go into the e-comments section you accessed in step #1)


So, let's get started with this vital and important step for all residents, no matter whether the pipeline is proposed to be on your property or not.....

To file as an intervenor, you must first register with FERC. 

  1. Before starting, remember to RETURN to these instructions after every step - you will be alked through every step

  2. Click on the image to the left (the website frequently does not work, so try back later if it does not load)

  3. Click on eRegister (orange button in center)

  4. Fill out the online form

  5. At the bottom right, click on Next (NOT on Done)

  6. Fill out the rest (and skip anything related to employer, unless registering for your employer)

  7. Complete it

  8. Go to the email account you reported during your registration

  9. find the email that FERC sent to you (it can take up to 10 minutes to get to you)

  10. Open it and click on the link in there to validate your registration

  11. Voila! - you are now able to make comments, AND, most important, become an intervenor (instructions in next step)

First, click on the type of motion that describes you* (remember to return to these instructions at the papec browser tab, to know what to do with these forms, every step of the way):

You are the property owner of land that the pipeline is proposed to cross

You live close to or in a town of the proposed pipeline route 

You live anywhere else

*Where is the pipeline route?

  1. Choose the document above that fits your circumstance, open it, and save the document to your computer

  2. Fill in EVERY underlined/blank area with your full name - except for the areas that specify to fill it in with something else (e.g., street address, signature, etc.)

  3. Be sure to fill in the other areas that specify contact info

  4. At the bottom where it says signature, type your name (preferably with an italicized or stylized font)

  5. Check that every single blank/underlined area is indeed filled in - leaving nothing blank

  6. Save the document to our computer

  1. Click on the image to the left to go to FERC (the FERC site is sometimes down, so try back later if it does not load)

  2.   Before starting, remember to RETURN to these instructions (use the browser tab called pepac) after EVERY step - you will be walked through every little step  

  3. Click on Login and login using the credentials you created in Step #1 above

  4. In the left menu bar, click on eFiling

  5. Don't forget to keep switching back and forth between the site and these instructions (papec tab in your browser), to get step by step instructions

  6. Click on Login, and

  7. Then, click on General in the left column (how it is to be directed)

  8. Then, in the center column, click on Intervention

  9. Then, in the right column, click on (doc-less) Out-of-Time Motion to Intervene  (be careful to click on EXACTLY that type of filing)

  10. Click Next at the bottom right

  11. On the next page, type in CP15-558 (in the area for the docket # for PennEast)

  12. Click on Search

  13. Click on the blue cross under Select (a red X will appear further not remove that)

  14. Check that it is indeed the PennEast pipeline listed

  15. Click Next

  16. Open your Motion (the one you filled out and saved in the last step)

  17. Copy and paste the entire document into the text box in front of you on the FERC site

  18. Click Next

  19. Check the radio button for Individual

  20. Click Next

  21. Enter your email address

  22. Beneath that, click on: Add as Signer

  23. Click Next

  24. Check that your name and the docket number (CP15-558) are correct

  25. Click Next

  26. Check that all looks correct

  27. Click SUBMIT

  28. Click on Printable Submission Confirmation Receipt

  29. Print it

  30. Keep it for your files and saved to your computer  in section A above

ALERT: No trespass signs, verbal directions to leave land, and related actions will be upheld. You must undertake this step to block trespass.

Only the owner of the property can complete this. If you are not the owner (taxpayer) on the property, please skip this step (but alert the property owner of this need).

  1. Click on the Image to the left to open the letter

  2. Fill out all the open areas - they are colored on most computers (leave the signature line until later) - Bucks Country residents can get their parcel numbers (property number) from

  3. If it does not let you type, you will have to Save the letter to your computer (no need to do this if it lets you type directly online - just proceed to #4 below in that case):

    1. Either right click on your mouse, and click Save As, or click on the Download/Save icon) Be sure to note into what folder you save the letter.

    2. Keeping this website open (so you can return to its tab to see instructions), open that folder, and find the letter

    3. Save the document to your computer (at the top left, click on file, then click on save).

    4. Fill out all the colored open areas (leave the signature until later)

  4. Print the document (click on File on the top left, then click Print) - print 3 copies!

  5. After the document has printed, sign the documents in the signature area

  6. Prepare two envelopes, one for Penn East and one for UGI. Fill out the envelopes with the addresses on the letter (be careful about zip codes and street numbers). Put one letter into each envelope.

  7. Keep the third copy for yourself (or save it to your computer while you have it online)

  8. Go to the post office, and request to send each one (so there will be two separate ones) via "Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested."

Unfortunately, this will not block the taking of your or your neighbor's land if it is taken by eminent domain; however, this blocks any pre-construction trespass, damage to your land, surveying, digging up, driving over, or deforestation of your land prior to the eminent domain declaration. Those in other parts of the state who did not exercise this action for other pipelines have sustained significant damage, including deforestation, of their personal property, even prior to all permits in place for the pipeline - so it is intended to protect you for now. Likewise, if unable to do all of their surveys, testing, deforestation, and other ground manipulation, PennEast is also prevented from preparing for construction until all matters are resolved.

Now that you have finished with filing your motion to intervene out-of-time, now move on to Step #4. Click on the image to the left.  

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